Review of AVS Video Editor

Are you in the video editing industry and looking for software that can help you do more than just editing your video? If so, then the product you are looking for is AVS video editor. This article will perform an AVS4you review, telling why you should head over to and make an AVS video editor download. The article will also let you know the AVS4you price.

So, what is AVS4you? Well, AVS4you is a collection of software for performing different tasks such as audio, video, document, and graphic editing. One of the software in this package is AVS Video Editor. AVS Video Editor is consumer-level video editing software that you can use to edit a video from its raw form to a finished product. This software is easy enough to learn and use and the quality of the final product is also impressive.


When you purchase the AVS video editor full version from the AVS4you website and install it in your computer, you will receive a series of prompts that will walk you through the whole software showing how to use each of the available modules. The prompts are linked to video guides on These videos show you how to effectively use the software.


AVS, who are the developers of this software, have designed its interface in such a way that it can walk you through each step of the video creation and editing process. You can access each module of this software from any screen, something that makes it easy for you to shift between aspects of your video editing project. This feature makes it easy for both beginners who are still new to video editing to use the software.


You will find both storyboard and timeline workflows on the editing space. On the timeline, you will be able to see the length of the elements of your project, which will allow you to make changes on granular level. The storyboard, on the other hand, in this AVS software is very simplified. It has been designed so to allow you to see an overview of each object in the video, regardless of the length. You can access the storyboard or the timeline workflows by a single click of the mouse. Remember that switching between the two does not affect the changes and modifications made on the video you are editing, therefore, you do not have to worry.


One of the few drawbacks of this AVS4you software is that it only allows you to edit one video track at a time. This drawback limits the versatility of the program. The software, however, allows you to add as many overlays, voice and music tracks, and video effects as you need. This program is also packed with a ton of video effects and transitions that you can use to spice-up your video. In fact, the software comes with over 650 transitions and effects. With such a number, you surely will not miss one or even a couple that can transform your video into what you want it to be. All these effects and transitions are available to use ones you make an AVS software download.


AVS Video Editor is packed with awesome features and performs better than most other similar software according to many AVS4you reviews. You should, therefore, make sure you make an AVS4you download and purchase the license to use it. The AVS Video Editor price for a 1 year license is $39.00. The unlimited access license will cost you only $59.00.